Steel Packaging

We have been a reliable partner for renowned companies in the steel producing and processing industry for decades. We are trusted by both worldwide operating steel groups and medium-sized rolling mills and cutting centres. That resulted in the development of a network of locations in Central and Western Europe.

Steel packaging must fulfil challenging requirements – regardless of whether it is for hot or cold rolled coils, slit strips, sheet metal packages, wires or pipes. Benefit from our know-how and let us advise you about all aspects of steel packaging. We will be pleased to work with you to develop packaging catalogues in accordance with the selected transport method for your products and help you in the optimisation of your processes.

Do you have an unexpected large demand or does your customer wish a special type of packaging? We can provide you with quick help with our special packaging team. We can quickly realise all packaging requirements – ranging from the supply of the packaging materials to the complete handling of the packaging. Benefit from our speed, the associated planning reliability and the transparent costs.

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