Machine and Plant Packaging

We know how to handle export and industrial goods. The seaworthy packaging of machines and plant is a core business of our Group. We are a member of the HPE Association and can design and manufacture for you tailored packaging in which your highly sensitive machinery and plant is best protected against mechanical and climatic effects during the transport and storage.

You determine the scope of our services, i.e. from the component packaging and peak coverage in the case of good order backlog to the entire handling of the warehouse logistics, packaging logistics, packaging material supply, packaging and shipping, all within clearly defined interfaces. We are your full-service partner.

Each packaging order is individually tailored to your requirements:

  • The optimisation, design and manufacture of suitable packaging
    (crates, transport bases, boardings, etc.).
  • The loading and securing of the packaged goods on the lorry or wagon.
  • The loading of unpackaged or packaged machine and plant components in sea containers.
  • The proper performance of packaging, handling and loading work by trained employees.
  • Forwarding processing.

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